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What You Need to Know About Dermaplaning

I admit it, I have had some amazing facials. However, I have been unable to replicate that day after facial smooth skin ... until now! I follow many celebrities with great skin, trying to determine what is common in all of them. Here is what I found:

Hyaluronic Acid with Vitamin C, a Deep Moisturizer, sunscreen, and dermaplaning! WHAT?? What is dermaplaning? So I went to get a facial, and this time I asked for derma planning. Oh, it felt wonderful, and the machine/tool they used took all my peach fuzz off and was a deep exfoliator. They followed it up with...Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, and a rich moisturizer. I spent $125.

Well, now I understand how easy it is to duplicate these effects. Here is what I have learned and how I have changed my skincare routine.

Dermaplaning Definition

Dermaplaning is a non-invasive skin procedure that involves using a sharp tool to exfoliate the surface of your skin, while also removing small, fine hairs.

Basically, an esthetician or dermatologist takes a small scalpel (this word scared me until I found some amazing gentle ones) and verygently scrapes the surface of your skin using light, feathering strokes.

So, what exactly does lightly scraping your skin with a scalpel accomplish? A lot, apparently. Dermaplaning’s purpose is to give your skin an immediate exfoliation for a luminous glow that lasts a week. The benefits are dewy skin, faster cell turnover, and a smoother texture. Physicians might recommend dermaplaning to anyone who is about to undergo laser treatment or a deep chemical peel to allow the products to penetrate more deeply into the skin.1

 Plus, the light shaving motion removes little facial hairs aka PEACH FUZZ while it exfoliates.


Exfoliation: Dermaplaning provides a deeper exfoliation than shaving at home, but they both remove the dead outer skin and vellus hairs.

Glowing, brighter complexion: Because dermaplaning removes a layer of dead skin that would otherwise give a dull appearance, skin is left looking radiant and refreshed post-shaving.

Deeper product penetration: Facial hair can often trap dirt and oil, creating a barrier between your skin and the products you put on top. Getting rid of that layer may allow for your skincare products to penetrate deeper, thus being more effective.

Smoother makeup application: Because dermaplaning removes facial hair and peach fuzz, skin is smoother, and pores appear smaller. This creates the ideal base for even makeup applications where powder and liquid products can sit on top flawlessly.

Won't the Hair Grow Back Thicker??

I think it was my mom who told me not ever to shave my face because it would grow back thicker like a man's beard. Well, after lots of research, I found out that this is a myth!

You aren’t changing the structure of the follicle. Your actual hair follicle sits deep under the skin—when you shave, you’re cutting the hair off at the base, which might be thicker than the ends. You aren’t messing with the follicle itself, which means your hair will grow at the same rate, width, and texture as before.


Using a safe dermaplaning tool (look for recommendations below)

  1. Make sure your skin is clean and very dry. The drier the skin, the better the results.

  2. Pull the skin taught and always move downwards in short strokes with the razor at a 45-degree angle against the skin.

  3. Starting at the top of the ear, make small strokes downward, moving down to the jawline and in towards the nose to get the whole cheek, jawline, chin, and upper lip.

  4. Then, move to the sides of the face by the eyes, followed by the forehead, using downward strokes. Avoid the hairline, eyelids, and sides of the nose.

  5. Lastly, stroke the neck downward from the jawline.

  6. Very little pressure is needed - you are only exfoliating the dead outer layer of skin and removing fine hairs.

  7. After shaving, immediately follow up with a hydrating serum such as 2 See Transformation Skincare Hyaluronic Acid with Vitamin C.

How Often Should I use Dermaplaning (at home)

Because dermaplaning doesn't use any chemical solutions or goes deeper than the top skin layer, it can be performed on a regular basis. Many leading dermatologists recommend every four weeks to maintain healthy and radiant skin.

Here is a great tutorial for at-home dermaplaning.

I get my favorite tool on amazon. I use it once then throw it away. This set comes with a set of nine. So 9 months worth for only $10.00!

  1. American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dermabrasion.

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