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Get to Know Us

We have been friends since our first years in high school.  We actually met in gym class as we were both trying to get out of exercising and sweating in the Florida heat!  It was horrible for our 80s frizzy hair especially since there were no good hair products!!  We became inseparable in high school and then Allison went off to Utah for college where she married quickly and then had kids almost immediately.  Our paths continue to cross over the many years as we became moms to our 5 collective kids and life evolved.  We saw each other through life’s roller-coaster filled with divorce, remarriage, raising kids, losing siblings, and burying parents (all wayyyyy too soon).  One day on the phone a little over a year ago (we were living many many miles apart at this point) we were again commiserating about the challenges women face as we age.  We began to share our secret fears and frustrations and some of the solutions that we tried to help navigate the obstacles.  The idea hit us - we need to talk more and to more women!!  Realizing that each of us has our own unique stories, as a collective, we can help each other and support each other as we all look for answers to this ever-changing cycle.  But how????  So we created this site - 2 See Transformation.  On our site, we will be sharing tips, news, products, and stories.   We invite you to join in and share your story with us.  Share your tips, your strategies, your obstacles, and your wins.  We want to hear it all!!

Meet the Team

Meet the founders, Pam and Allison. BFFs since high school, we want to invite you to our Best Friends Club!

We are learning and growing together as we weave our way through this transformational stage.

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