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Time for More Menopause Resources

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Welcome to the first episode of "We Are More Than Menopause," a podcast where Ally and Pam share their experiences and provide support for women going through menopause. In this introductory episode, they reminisce about their high school days in Florida, where they became best friends and developed a bond over their dislike for exercise. They reflect on their carefree weekends at the beach, basking in the sun without sunscreen or proper hydration.

As they grew older, both Ally and Pam went through significant life changes, including marriages, divorces, and the loss of their parents. The COVID-19 pandemic brought them even closer as they leaned on each other for support and started discussing the lack of resources for menopause, a topic that had been shrouded in secrecy for generations. Determined to break the stigma surrounding menopause, they embarked on a journey of research and education.

Ally and Pam talk about the challenges they faced in understanding the various treatment options available, such as hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and supplements. They highlight the abundance of contradictory information and misinformation surrounding menopause, which motivated them to create a community where women can openly discuss their experiences. The hosts emphasize that menopause should no longer be confined to the metaphorical "red tent" of secrecy and shame. They want to share stories, struggles, and joys associated with this phase of life. By inviting guest speakers, experts, and therapists, they aim to provide valuable insights and resources to their audience.

Ally's resilience and strength are praised, with her ability to overcome adversity and reinvent herself in the face of challenges. Pam's dedication as a licensed therapist and her motivation to achieve personal goals are also highlighted. Listeners are encouraged to join the hosts on their weekly podcast journey and subscribe to their blog, "," for ongoing support and discussions.

Future podcast episodes will cover a range of topics, including imposter syndrome, parenting adult children, and body image changes. Ally and Pam emphasize their commitment to honesty, humor, and sharing real stories from their own lives and from their audience. They express excitement about the opportunity to build a supportive community where menopause is discussed openly and fearlessly.

In conclusion, Ally and Pam invite listeners to join them on the "We Are More Than Menopause" podcast and blog, emphasizing that together, women can overcome the challenges of menopause and emerge stronger.

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