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More For Midlife Women

Updated: May 28, 2023

Midlife Women
Launching New Podcast

It has been in the making for over a year but we finally have launched our podcast. We Are More Than Menopause podcast is for anyone who knows that midlife is so much more than just the changes our bodies go through. We explore the ups and downs of midlife, menopause, and life in general.

We will share the Nitty Gritty and not-so-pretty stories of midlife women and menopause. Our dream for this podcast is to be there for you in this journey. We will laugh and sometimes even cry through the absurdities of midlife.

We are not living our midlife like our mothers did, we are WAY MORE than menopause. It's time for us to join together, as we find our brand new MORE for ourselves.

Midlife Women Need :

  • More freedom

  • More time for ourselves to do what we have dreamed of doing

  • More knowledge of longevity and how to thrive through the next chapter of our lives

  • More experiences

  • More self-care

  • More fulfilling relationships

  • More Independence

  • More work-life balance

  • More self-discovery

  • More confidence and self Assurance

  • More meaning and more purpose

We have empowered everyone else in our lives for so many years, now it is our time! Join us as we take this journey together!


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