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Midlife is More than Menopause

By: Aisling Grimley

While thankfully menopause is finally getting the attention it deserves, and women are getting the information and support they need to understand its impact on their bodies and mind, there is another, crucial reason why you need to make it your mission to get your menopause right. You are part of the generation of women who are redefining midlife, which means menopause is no longer the end of youth; it’s now the start of a time of your life where, perhaps after decades of putting other’s needs first, you get to focus on you.

For something that labels many of us, defining midlife today is surprisingly difficult. The term still hankers to an outdated vision of a disappearing woman who has outgrown her sexuality, use, and status. Yet you are very much here, thank you very much, bursting with desires and ambitions but often not quite knowing what to do with them. That’s because none of the standard rules about age - and midage - apply anymore.

There has never been midlife like this one.

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